Once Upon a Time There Was a WoodTurner…

Once Upon a Time There Was a WoodTurner who wanted to give something back. And it starts here…

So here we are at the start of a new journey – The Black Dog Workshop.

As you’ll learn in the video, I have fought various demons and discovered that woodturning helped hugely in getting over them and putting them back where they belong – my own ‘Black Dog’ if you will.

I have learned so much from the YouTube woodturning community that I started making videos a couple of years ago to give something back, and this project is a few more steps onwards – to give more back and to promote turning to a wider and greater audience than I have done before. Gulp.

The vLogs I’ll be publishing will illustrate as much as possible of pretty much everything to do with setting up the workshop and getting it going. To be honest, it’s pretty nerve wracking some of the time and more than once in getting the idea together, I’ve grappled with horrendous self-doubt and anxiety…and that is something that will sit deeply within the ethos and the aims of the workshop – to help people with their demons and promote a sense of achievement and self confidence.

So….it is with a deep breath and some trepidation that I take on the task of building the Black Dog Workshop….there is much more to tell as the adventure develops…much, much more!

I hope you join me on the journey. Please use the links to follow the journey on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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5 Replies to “Once Upon a Time There Was a WoodTurner…”

  1. Well done Martin. I hope everything runs as smoothly as possible for you, and I wish you great success with this new project. Don’t get anxious; just take it one step and one day at a time, and everything will fall into place. This is way above “giving more back”. This shows just how selfless you are. You’re a truly remarkable person. One of the good ‘uns. I’m glad to know you. Go be a life changer to lots of people.

  2. This is sure to be a great and very rewarding venture for you and all who become a part of the Black Dog Workshop. All the very best of luck moving forward Martin and I am so looking forward to following you on this journey as I do with your others.

  3. Hi Martin.

    I wish you all the best with the new workshop I have followed you on youtube and will be following The Black Dog Workshop venture.

    Nice one Carl

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