…and the Adventure Begins

Not one to hang around at the start of a new project, I get going with a little bit of help…

FILE0044Saturday 3rd September and Sunday 4th were really busy in the new shop. There was such a huge amount of ‘stuff’ to move, we took a few minutes to figure out what to do and where to move it all to.

Eventually though, Natalja (my girlfriend) and I managed to get to a point where could see the wood from the trees and began the process of dismantling the existing benches and wall. Basically, everything mentioned in Part 1 (here).

I think the benches must have been put in before the invention of the wood screw as virtually everything was nailed together which made for a dicey time pulling it apart. The video explains more.

The image below shows what will be the ‘demonstration lathe’ wall and the new base for Hampshire Sheen (my finishing wax). To the right of the image, a new wall will be built to enclose the workshop and hide the blue machine from view.

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