Coming Together, Extraction and Plan Downloads

This week was just as busy as last week, but nothing got done in the actual workshop itself! Lots more has been done outside as well as on the computer though.
So, with another week almost over, here’s a run down on what’s been happening!

aboutBlack Dog Website, Stories and Plans:

The website has been growing nicely, particularly with the stories of turners who have shared their experiences and how turning has helped them. Read these inspirational stories here. Also, the site has had a new ‘About’ page added which goes over a bit of my history, the inspiration for the workshop as well as the goals for it.

Click to download the plans

I promised last week to make the plans available. By clicking the image to right, you will be able to download the .pdf with them on so you can see how the shop will look.

They may well change next weekend when it comes to doing the inside work, but this is pretty much how the area will look. It is very exciting to know that in just over a week’s time, the shop will be taking great shape. Then, the electrics will be done and, and and!

More Talking…

Spoke to Mind and Time-To-Change again this week as well as a new charity we’ll hopefully be involved with called Combat Stress ( They are a veteran’s mental health charity who I was recommended to contact, so I did!

With any luck, both of these charities will be interested enough in what is going on here to work with me to help the people who benefit from their work.

This Week’s Video…

Needless to say, I have lots of thanks to go out again this week – A warm welcome to the new YouTube subscribers, Facebook likers, and members of the Black Dog Workshop mailing list. Thank you all!

STOP PRESS! Insurance…

I can’t run the workshop and do the other stuff that I do, like teaching and demonstrations without insurance. Having looked around and spoken to various people, I plumbed with a policy with NatureSave Business insurance. The price is good, and it fits nicely with what I am doing here. More on this in a future post.

See you later on 2nd October or some time on 3rd October!

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