My Black Dog Waits Outside

A loving family a happy home but the big black dog still found me: No warnings she just snuck up on me and took hold.I can’t really say I had a bad up bringing or had trauma in my life. I would probably say the opposite really:  A loving family, a happy home but the big black dog still found me.

No warnings, she just snuck up on me and got hold. For many years on and off, that horrible thing called depression paid a visit,  sometimes spending a few days, even weeks.

That was until April 2016 when I found wood turning. ‘Nothing special’, most people would say, but to me it was my escape from the black shadow of depression.

Whilst I turned and produced a bowl or a pen, the sense of achievement and pride in showing my work to others seemed to make the depression that little less controlling. It may be only for a few hours at a time, but the longer I’ve turned for the sense of escapism seems to have eased the stays of the black dog.

Whilst she still visits me, I visit to the man cave and make her wait outside .

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  1. Hi
    The big black dog has visited me once too many times over the years also. I’m glad you found turning. Man cave’s are the cure for many an ailment! Sounds like you have been bitten, not by the black dog, but, by the wood turning bug. It’s the best addiction in the world.

    Keep turning


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