My Story, by Eric

About 5 years ago I suffered a stroke, but thanks to fantastic care by the NHS stroke unit at Northwick Park Hospital, I am not too debilitated.

It has left me with some numbness on the left side and I cannot walk too far. I thought wood turning could be a good idea as I have a large garage, so I set up a workshop and have quite a collection of tools etc. I took some lessons, mainly for safety aspects, but then found I really enjoyed it and all the while I am turning the aches and pains disappear.

Now after 3 years I am reasonably proficient as long as I remember to hold the gouge the correct way. (a side issue of stroke is it screws up your memory). So far I have made a whole range of items from pens, boxes, bowls, pepper mills and egg cups but I am still learning. I have an excellent tutor who I see about every 3 months depending on how busy he is and I treat it as my special day out.

I find turning a fantastic way to help me and would recommend it to any one. I also had a pyrography lesson with Martin as my children insisted I put my name on some clocks I made. If I ever get the hang of up loading photos I will post some.

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