My Story – from Danny

I used to be a tree surgeon I’ve always been a climber and it was a job I absolutely loved.

yandles_1Almost 4 years ago I was taking the top out of a horse chestnut tree. As I’d made the cut, and it was about to be lowered, the whole tree snapped at the base so every thing I was harnessed too was hurtling 55 feet to the ground. It dislocated my hip and I was a bit bruised and battered but the subsequent surgeries I had to go through damaged my femoral nerve meaning my left knee doesn’t work and probably never will.

This left me with a real bad depression part because I’m in constant pain and part because I’m disabled and will never be able to work again. Coupled with a feeling of not being able to earn a living any way, I’ve always wanted to try wood turning but with work and family life, I’ve never had the spare time or spare cash to start.

But over the last 18 months I’ve started wood turning and it keeps me focused and I’m always trying to get better at it. It helps to get me a feeling of self worth and I really enjoy making things for my family and friends.

My 10 year old son also shows a really keen interest too.

yandlesThanks for reading,

Regards Danny

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