Share Stories, Help, & a Wood Store

Not much has been able to happen in the shop this week, but I had an idea…

I’m no art therapist, nor psychiatrist, and nor am I medically qualified in any way…but what I do know is that wood turning and wood work, and generally creative activities help. I’m one of those ‘patients’ who use creative outlets to evade my demons, regularly…so I thought it would be nice to enable you to share you stories. Find out in this week’s BDW video episode.

I have a small group of willing supporters coming along to help (Dave Capper-Sandon and Rob Venus – Thank you!) on 1st and 2nd October and would really appreciate a couple or more willing volunteers to lend a hand with the walls, ceilings and benches…If you can spare a couple of hours on either day contact me and let me know – the more the merrier! I can reward you handsomely with coffee and biscuits and plenty of lathe-time when the shop is up and running! Thanks….

Here’s this week’s episode…and the links to the story share page is here…: Share your Stories!

Thanks for watching….see you again soon.

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