Those of You Who Suffer Will Understand

It’s a wonderful hobby, and at the end of it, you can hold something in your hand and can say ‘I made that.’

Hi just a quick one.

I suffer terribly with depression, partly due to two challenged kids. One with aspergers and the other with a genetic disorder.

I took up turning only recently after watching hours of youtube; Mike waldt, Martin among many others so I took the plunge and bought a midi Axminster lathe.

I started with pens, and it’s amazing how much relief I get when I’m turning: I go out into my shed when I get time and even if it’s ten minutes my mind is distracted from my problems. Now I find myself focusing on turning matters through the day rather than having the feeling overwhelming desperate.

Sounds all very dramatic I know, but I’m sure those of you who suffer will understand what I mean.


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