Down At Times

If you are feeling down then please if you have the chance give wood turning a go!

I’m fairly new to wood turning, in fact I only got into it by accident as I was looking at metal lathes and came across a few YouTube channels with people wood turning and decided on that path.

Wood turning to me is one of those things that you can plan something at times, but when you get in the workshop plans change as you go along. This is all part of the process which moves your mind away from those thoughts that take you down to a place where you don’t like to be.

Sometimes you fail at what you are making, but with determination you try again and again until you come up with a final item that you are very proud of. Sharing this with friends, family, facebook and YouTube, the pleasure and satisfaction is such a nice feeling.

I’m a person who bottles their feelings, rarely show any emotion (some people think I’m cold) but it is when you are on your own without something to apply the mind to that it really hits you.

I can’t talk to people I know about how I feel or why I feel that way. Even now writing this article I’m very much down in a place I don’t want to be, it’s been getting worse as the week progresses. Silly things that I shouldn’t even be thinking about.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve been in the workshop and I need to get back in there.

Wood turning is something that helps! It doesn’t cure things but it adds to quality of life rather than being down for so much.

If you are feeling down then please if you have the chance give wood turning a go!

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  1. Hi
    I am sorry you have to endure the pain you described in your story. I know how it feels to have no disractions, listening to the noisy chatter of the mind and feel a weight pushing down on you. Those “silly things you shouldn’t be thinking abou” are not silly at all. They are hard to handle and it takes a strong person to keep going through it. You haven’t given up; you discovered wood turning and have a place where you can get a break from the “demons” Martin reters to. I have said this to another person recently: I believe wood turning helps us by distracting the mind from it’s nasty tendency to endlessly chatter away about all kinds of things that are, in the scheme of things, unimportant. The focus of turning demands that the mind concentrate on tasks at hand. This quiets the mind’s chatter and a level of peace of mind is achieved. What is even more rewarding is when you become passionate about turning. At this point you have become addicted to the best addiction on the planet: Wood Turning!

    Be well and keep turning


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