The Build…and What’s Happened Since

It seems like an age since I last posted a Black Dog Workshop update on the progress of getting the workshop up and running. So, this is a big update, to catch you up on stuff!

A lot has happened since the last news update on 23rd September – the workshop is actually now less than a week from ‘opening’ properly – at least, for a photographer and a handful of photogenic volunteers willing to put themselves ‘out there’ to promote the workshop and lessons it offers.

But, before all that, the workshop had to have a load of working doing to it on the inside to make it habitable! Here is the the video of the build. Huge thanks to the following great guys for their assistance across the weekend and links to their YouTube channels if they have one:

Rob Venus
Dave Capper-Sandon (
Steve Langley
Ross Langley
David Guy
Paul Druce
David Holliday
John Gilliland
Nick Zammit (
Jim Overton (
and Peter Corcoran

As you can see, these golden hearted chaps worked their socks off, and I am so appreciative of their efforts. Thanks, guys! They had come from (quite literally) far and wide to lend their hands to the task.

Thankfully, video is a fantastic medium in which to create updates for you, so here is the next one which was released on  21st October and the difference is marked, as you’ll see.

And that is pretty much the position it was in until today (1st November). There will be another update video next week when everything is ready for it.

bd0032aBelow is a gallery of some images of the build and work progress. BUT! Before that – have you seen the BDW patches, stress balls and free stickers in the website shop?

These little items look fantastic, and are a great way for you to help support the projects of the Black Dog Workshop and it’s work with those suffering from depression, PTSD and other mental health problems. Check them out in the shop.

How Things Have Developed

…and to be honest, the shop doesn’t look much different to how it does in some of these shots – so they may not be many more before it is finished!

There was a bit of a set-back last week though – the phone line with brilliantly memorable number I was given by BT turned out to be WRONG! The border between area code 01962 and 01420 runs up the public footpath and divides the property in half. The garden centre has both 01962 and 01420 numbers, whilst the business next to it, has 01420. But, British Telecom’s systems nor those of BT OpenReach (the people who put the lines up and connect them) cannot determine the different between the two area codes.

I’m no telecoms expert, but I would at least have set-up the system to work with the area codes and not the post codes….but that is sadly an ongoing story.

Also, the full range of workshops and lessons will be available to book on the website soon, too. They’ve been a long time coming, yes, but the booking system will be a real Godsend for my time management!

Finally, I have been having some very promising conversations with a local agency about recommending the Black Dog Workshop to their colleagues who are suffering as a result of their service. Details to follow, and hopefully, these details will be able to give you an insight into how the workshop tuition and courses will run for charities and agencies dealing with stress, depression etc.

Don’t forget – if you would like to share your turning story, you can do so here.

Thanks for reading.

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