Virtually Ready to Open the Doors

…and here we are….Virtually ready to go…Enjoy the tour of the brand new Black Dog Workshop!

I can hardly believe that just a matter of a couple of months ago, I posted the first updated video and described to you what the Black Dog Workshop will be and what it will do. But here we are, at the end of one line, and the beginning of a long and exciting new one!

In the video below, take a look round the (virtually) completed shop. There are a few little bits left to do, but it is ready to go, and indeed, has been going! Several courses have been booked onto since they went live on the site a couple of days ago, and a few of the gift vouchers too, which is brilliant.

Of course, there are thanks to give, and in writing here, I’d like to thank everyone¬† who has helped either with their blood, sweat and tears, sharing on Facebook, commenting there or on YouTube and everyone who has got behind the Black Dog and maybe shared their story or has been inspired by what has happened so far. Thank you all!

As I said in this update, the videos won’t stop – there will be a series of video ‘Black Dog Diaries’ keeping you abreast on what’s been going on and detail any further developments.

There will be Facebook and YouTube live broadcasts for workshop members and a few public ones too – I just need to get that phone line sorted and we’ll be good to go with those! Keep an eye on the Facebook page and members group for details of what the content will be….

And…if you are following this because you are a member of the M. Saban-Smith website, please send me a Facebook Friend Request so I can add you to the Black Dog Workshop Member’s Private Group so you can see these broadcasts and join in the fun!

So, looking forward to the future now, I hope to be able to promote woodturning to many, many people and give those suffering with mental health problems an experience that they find relaxing, and more than a little therapeutic. I hope to be able to see everyone who comes to the workshop leave with something that¬†they made with their hands and can be proud of and take home with that, a sense of achievement and be able to say to their friends and family ‘I made that.’

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  1. Congratulations – I have been following your quest as a turner from the beginning and enjoy watching your YouTube updates. To see what you have achieved in the last couple of years and in the last couple of months with the Black Dog workshop is truly inspiring. I wish you success and look forward to the future developments. Regards Adrian

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