Turning my life around

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to do Woodturning, in an all girls school it wasn’t an option, then came college and the “steady job” in a bank.

So Woodturning was forgotten. Then life took over. I met a guy, spent 10 years together had a baby boy and 5 years later a baby girl. It was after the birth of my precious girl that life came crashing down around me.

Our baby was born with Aicardi Syndrome, she was profoundly brain damaged, blind and had epilepsy and we were told she would only survive a few months or maybe up to a year. My fiancé could not handle this at all and refused to accept the baby. He told me I was to leave her in the hospital or an institution. Of course I couldn’t ever do that and so I brought her home to love her and look after her until the time came to say goodbye. My relationship ended and I had to move out with my two kids and go back home to my parents.

Eventually I was able to rent my own place and started to feel more positive about the future. Sadly the time to say goodbye to my daughter came 16 months later, on the 5th Jan 2015 (my birthday) my little angel went to heaven. That year is mainly a blur. I had left work to care for her and now I had nothing. A deep depression set in and I got through each day on autopilot. Life continued like that until June of this year when I saw a programme on Woodturning. Something clicked inside my head. I suddenly decided that I wasn’t going to mope around anymore I was going to go and do the one thing that I had always wanted to do. Woodturning.

So I saved up and enrolled in a one day beginners course. I made a garden dibber a candle stick and a pen and I was completely hooked! The very next day I took out a small loan and bought a second had large and some tools and some pen blanks and kits. I mostly make pens simply because I don’t have any dry wood! But I have turned a couple of lamps and bowls that are packed away in savings hopefully drying out!!

Woodturning has changed my life. In fact it has given me a life. I’m so happy when I’m at my lathe in my freezing cold shed and I’m making a soaking wet log into something that resembles a lamp. Life is getting better.

I want to thank Martin and all the other guys on YouTube who share their knowledge and talent with us, you have no idea how you all have changed my life.